Constellation Agency named Certified Digital Provider for BMW and MINI of North America

Constellation Agency is proud to announce that it has been named as a certified digital advertising provider for BMW and MINI of North America’s dealers. Constellation will offer its advanced suite of social, SEM, display and multicultural marketing packages to more than 450 BMW and MINI dealerships through this program.

“Our breadth of knowledge in the digital marketing space, proprietary advertising technology platforms and multicultural marketing capabilities allow dealers to tap into underserved markets in their areas,” said Diana Lee, co-founder and CEO of Constellation Agency.

Constellation’s proprietary marketing technology allows a dealership to customize its digital advertising for specific vehicles, incentives, locations and languages in minutes – a task that would take a traditional digital advertiser hours or days to complete. Constellation Agency was selected as a certified digital advertising provider due to their unique ability to help businesses utilize hyper-localized digital marketing to build trust and engage with audiences within their communities in ways that were not possible until now with their suite of custom technologies. Constellation’s marketing technology platform also allows for better consistency among franchise communications across the brands.

Constellation will also continue working as a national supplier for BMW on its human resources initiatives to drive recruitment efforts at the dealership level. Working in tandem with the BMW Dealer Careers team, Constellation has developed certified packages which offer dealers a chance to brand their dealerships as an attractive place to work.