The Power of Millennial Talent

Above: Hear from the millennial staff at Constellation as to how they are able to revolutionize the world of automotive digital marketing in an industry ripe for disruption.

A question we hear from clients and partners all the time is, "how are you able to attract and retain such passionate and intelligent millennial talent? How can we get more females or more young people to join us?"

In the automotive industry, legacy approaches and old-school mindsets can frequently still dominate boardrooms and showrooms alike. Especially with the economic climate being what it is, the pressure is higher now than ever to innovate and change.

Driverless cars, electric vehicles, ride sharing programs, and so many more incredible things are happening before our eyes in this dynamic and exciting industry. So why is it so hard to attract the right talent?

To really make a difference in your ability to hire millennial talent (the RIGHT millennial talent), you need to open your mind and start to let go of some things that have been a stalwart in the industry for decades. Millennials want to be challenged, to be left on a long leash and given the opportunity to make mistakes. They want flexibility and work-life balance. And they want to feel a sense of community and belonging with their colleagues.

Building a work culture that celebrates these things will help enable you to attract a team that will surprise you with their hard work, sheer talent, and passion for driving change. A change that will propel the auto industry forward for years to come.