Third Party Data Targeting


Since Facebook announced it was pulling support for third-party data targeting, we have received a lot of questions from clients regarding the state of their campaigns and the associated audience targeting implications (click here for our prior statement).  As a result, there has been some confusion, and at times, misinformation being spread about these changes and the impact to agencies like Constellation.  In response, we wanted to provide you, our clients and partners, with an update on the status of the data connections we use to provide the powerful targeting we employ in our clients’ campaigns every day.

In conjunction with our data partners at Oracle Data Cloud, we have outlined a new way forward which will enable us to retain 100% of the data we had access to prior to the Facebook announcement. This targeting includes in-market shoppers for sales (down to the model level), parts and service shoppers, credit score data from TransUnion, and other custom audiences created for specific campaigns. 

Timothy Daher, Senior Client Partner at Oracle in their automotive practice, has been aiding Constellation in these efforts.  He said,

"We’ve partnered with Constellation Agency to set up a custom data connection to provide them with our full suite of targeting segments, including custom-built audiences for automotive. Constellation has been a great partner to us and exemplifies best-in-class usage of our powerful targeting options on paid social."

Much of the data that Oracle is able to pass through to us comes from Polk and other sources, many of which are properties or partners of IHS Markit. John McBride, Vice President at IHS Automotive said,

"We plan on continuing to provide our segments through the Facebook platform.  We are working closely with our onboarding partners at Oracle Data Cloud as we navigate through the best approaches to make this data available to brands and agencies."

Our team is committed to driving the best possible results for our clients and are pleased to share this update that our data targeting practice will only grow stronger and more robust as a result of these recent changes.

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